Automatic Milk Collection System for Simplistic and Improved Dairy Farming

Automatic Milk Collection System - AMCS

AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection Software) is a contemporary and technologically advanced solution aimed to digitize the farmers and rural areas of India. The milk collection software automates the conventional milk collection and procurement process followed by the Dairy Industry. The software is primarily installed at Village Cooperative Societies. AMCS focuses on the basic operations like milk quality testing and analysis performed at the time of milk collection. The tests comprise of measuring milk Quantity, Fat & SNF, Water Proportion, and Milk Density for each sample of the milk brought by farmers. The data obtained after milk testing is recorded and stored by the software. The same data is displayed by the Farmers App. Farmers App is another solution exclusively designed for the farmers using which they can easily manage their milk business. The application displays a farmer’s milk data, a statistical chart for analysis, passbook details containing a summary of bank transactions, ongoing milk trends, milk slip, reports, monthly records, and overall milk data sheet. These features stand out in making automatic milk collection system utmost effective and suitable in eradicating the discrepancies which ultimately invites transparency in the entire system, accomplishing the central purpose of AMCS. The features of AMCS include-
  • Data Transaction
Activities related to the society like data back-up, export, import, data checking, etc. can be performed in this domain.
  • Dairy Rates
The structure of dairy prices as received by the society from the dairy can be entered and stored in the system.
  • Member Master
The amount paid to farmers for their milk is registered into the system as per values obtained for Fat and SNF.
  • Message Master
The messages to be sent to farmers on behalf of milk society is entered here along with farmer’s code and date.
  • Customer Master
Shows the list of all customers for local milk sale, and their respective account opening and closing balance data.
  • Data Transfer
With respect to the group society, this feature is used to transfer the data of main society to group society.
  • Mobile Registration
Used to register mobile numbers of farmers under the society to provide them access to Farmers App.
  • Milk Collection
Let’s you enter details of milk collection for a particular date and shift for each farmer. The details include milk quantity, fat, etc.
  • Shift Collection
Used to stores details of all the milk slips/bills received from milk union. Details include date, shift, and milk type.
  • Payment
Allows storing records of payments given away to farmers on a given date. Records include farmer code & name, paid amount, etc.
  • Milk Reports
Various analytical reports can be generated by the system like Member List, Purchase Summary, Payment Report, etc.
  • Slip Printing
Data for the milk purchased by the milk society in each shift can be printed on milk slips to maintain records.

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