Where there is an AMCS, there is a way

The above title is more often refereed as “where there is a will there is a way” but we have aptly choose the above title as we found out that one of the Prompt Softech’s HERO product that goes by the name Prompt AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection System) is used by few members on the road side. Yes! You read that correct, “On the road side.” Check the image below:

This picture was taken by one of our sales person during his sales call. These kinds of setups are not usual sites in this part of the State of Gujarat. It is rare. The AMCS is a solution to automate the entire milk collection process making it efficient, transparent and less time consuming. There are other AMCS in the market, but finding Prompt’s AMCS used in such a manner instills our faith in the people who are using it. We are definitely making an impact on them. The compatibility of the product, the user friendliness of the product, works at par as compared to the other Automatic Milk Collection System’s out there in the market.

When as a company we see such use of our products we take pride in sharing it with the world. It truly means that we our living our vision that is “Technology-solutions with ethics & commitments; making work and life; easy and better for all.”

Such a loyalty can only be achieved when we as a company has served our customers well for all these years. And that our mission (We are dedicated to provide technology solutions for our customers to make their life easy and better.) is really bringing the change in the lives of the customers.

Pormpt's AMCS has an edge over its competitors, apart from basic functionality of milk collection, it can generate analytical reports like purchase register, shift wise local sales report, payment register, inventory report. Accounting functionality has been also incorporated in the system to manage financial records and reports such as cash book, profit & loss, balance sheet and many more. Thus, the combination of all such HERO functionalities it makes the lives of the members of the co-operative society’s easy, transparent, hassle free. And it brings a sense of trust between the co-operative socities and its members.

Having said that, we at Prompt Softech, aim to deliver such life changing technologies that by all means truly changes the way we work and live.

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