A management system that makes work and life easy for the credit co-operative societies and its members


Being in the Dairy Industry for these many years, we have made it our mission to support the industry in each and every possible step that we can. Till now we have successfully achieved our mission statement by inventing products that supports a particular task, function or work that takes place in the dairy industry on a daily basis.

The range of our solution varies, we have touched and changed the lives of individual farmers and also made the work more efficient for the co-operative societies and their staff members. One of our solutions is “Credit Co-operative Society Management System.”
This management system has changed many lives for good. To get the better idea about this product let us throw some light on – why we have to come up with this management system?

Well, if you know why credit societies are established then it is good, but if you are a layman in this industry than let us explain you about it in a very short and subtle manner.

Credit Co-operative Societies (at times known as Mandlis) are financial institutions which are formed with focus to support people belonging to lower income group. Credit Co-operative society is formed by members who are at the same time the owners and the customers of their society.

Now, such societies have to have huge day to day task to manage. And has to execute many financial transactions and need to maintain extensive database of customers on a daily basis. Till sometime back it was all manual labour and it affected the efficiency and functionality of credit co-operative society in a big way. But since the introduction of our Credit Co-operative Society Management System we have been so far able to ease the life and work, both at the same time for those involved.

Credit Co-operative society management system was designed to address all these issues and increase the efficiency of the credit co-operative societies. Our product can perform complex calculations required for loan process. Our product can computerize the whole process including Loan application, Loan Sanction, Loan Disbursement, Loan repayment, etc. Our product can also generate different statements and reports.

If you need to know more about the Credit Co-operative Society Management System then write to us and anyone from our team will get in touch with you.

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