How we work towards bringing the GOOD change!


India, ever since the “milk revolution” has taken a gigantic transformation from a milk deficit country to World’s largest milk producing country. The whole co-operative society movement has changed the shape of the milk industry in India, for good. This movement was started by Late. Verghese Kurien, an Indian social entrepreneur, who happens to be known as the FATHER of White Revolution in India for his initiative popularly known as "Operation Flood."

But of late, there has been various agencies that are claiming that their quality of the milk and related products are does not meet the required parameters. There have been some startling claims that have come to the front in recent times that 88% of the samples taken from the State of UP (India) were found to be adulterated. It does not end here, there have been some more startling fact out about the quality of milk supplied both loose or in packets that 68.4% of the samples collected from rural and urban areas of all Indian States failed food safety and standards (FSS).

Keeping note of these alarming numbers, it clearly indicates that there is a lot that needs to be checked. As such, things only happen when there is scarcity of proper dairy management systems, lack of procurement software’s in the market, lack of automatic milk collection units by co-operative societies, etc.

That’s where Prompt Softech comes into the picture. We have been in the business for a short while now, since 2011, but our goal is simple and focused, that is “rural empowerment.” We aim to achieve it through our products that are specifically designed and develop to empower the dairy industry as a whole. With our AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection System) we have been able to fully automate the entire milk collection process, making the whole process efficient, transparent and less time consuming. This is not the end; we have been actively coming up with the solutions that are helpful to the members of the co-operative society and to the co-operative societies as well. With our dairy management systems, procurement softwares, etc. we have touched the life of thousands of farmers and it is for GOOD.

Do check our products section to know more about of product range. We are here to help you.

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