Quality Control System for Sterling Abrasives Ltd

Case Study - Application Development

Quality Control System for Sterling Abrasives Ltd

Sterling Abrasives Limited (SAL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified enterprise manufacturing a wide range of grinding wheels for the past three decades.  Being veteran manufacturer & supplier, they have decided to bring quality of their products to next level. However they faced several issues like lack of uniformity in quality of product, high cost of raw material, difficulty in quality assessment of materials and the products. They needed a solution which can address all these issues.

Big Question: How to bring uniformity in quality of products & developing solution for quality assessment of materials and products?
Irregularity in the quality of products was the big concern for the management. Being a brand in grinding wheels, they can’t simply ignore this issue and it was becoming hindrance to the company to execute its expansion and other operations activities.

“Efficiency and quality of our products are considerably affected due to lack of advanced quality control system. We have been trying to improve our production process. However, we are not getting desired results. It puts lots of pressure on production and sales team if the quality of product doesn’t meet market standards.”     -  Production Manager 

Management decided to bring in advanced equipments to aid and improve manufacturing process and quality of the product. However, the results were not satisfactory. High cost of raw material was another issue which was required to be handled.

“We invested in new technology equipments to improve the quality of the product. It helped a bit but nowhere near our desired end result. Mixing of raw materials with high accuracy is also another important issue as it is directly related to heavy cost of raw materials affecting overall cost of the product.”  - Plant Manager 

Sterling Abrasives decided to take professional help and approached Prompt Softech for solution. Team of Prompt Softech took assessment of the situation and proposed a customised solution which can address various issues with one integrated solution.
Prompt Softech designed a customised solution which was completely integrated within the production process which includes

·   Specially designed Data Processing Units (DPUs) – These devices performs all the complex calculations and perform quality checks. 
·  Specially designed Weighing Scales - to ensure right quantity of raw material goes into production process.
·    A network which monitors all the production process.
·    Quality checks at essential stages.
·    Real time alerts to designated departments & personnel.
·    A robust system which monitors the performance of overall system.
·    Improved product quality.
·   Optimised ratio or quantity of raw materials to bring down the cost of the product.

“We are impressed with the commitment and product developed by Prompt Softech. We never realised our overall production process can be customised yet integrated to this level. This solution has not only improved the quality of our product but also helped us to optimise the usage of raw material for better quality and bring down the cost of raw material which we used to incur. Now we can execute our business plans to next level.”    –  Managing Director

With this new change in the organisation, Sterling Abrasives became stronger brand in their  industry and brought new products with high quality. It was a learning experience for both the companies as we both realised that with the power of technology, any business process issues can be resolved.

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