Famers enjoys double joy with new accounting solution

Case Study – AMCS

Famers enjoys double joy with new accounting solution

Surat is a famed city of Gujarat known for diamond cutting & textile industry. Silk sarees produced in Surat has great quality and valued all over the world for its finish and quality. However, what people don’t know that this city is also one of the highest milk yielding cities. Famers from various villages daily contribute litres of milk to nearby milk collection centres or milk unions. Due to huge no. of farmers submitting milk to milk collection centres, it was becoming difficult for milk collection centres to manage information & transaction record manually. 

Big Question: How to manage details & transactions of farmers and to maintain accounting records?
Surat based co-operative society were also agonized with the situation. They were facing several challenges like no track of stock data, member purchase & sales data, expense and payment.  Managing this much data manually was making it prone to human errors in information collection & its data entry.

“Large no. of farmers submits milk in our society on daily basis. We have to manually make entry of each transaction which is very tiresome and lengthy process.  We need a system which can handle all accounting transactions automatically.”  -    Member of co-operative society

Prompt Softech acknowledged the situation and developed special software that can manage and automate milk collection as well as all kind of accounting procedures. This software is capable enough of inventory management, cash management, financial audit, balance sheet, etc.

Accounting Solution
AMCS was designed after deep research and analysis of the dairy industry. AMCS can not only manage data or information of farmers which includes purchase, sales, expense, inventory management, etc. Apart from that our software can manage cash management, prepare balance sheet and other reports required for financial audit.

This software tracks the milk collections data of each farmer and automatically allocates the amount of cattle feed and other inventory that is to be given at special price and quota. This software automates even the limit of credit given to the farmer according to his milk submission reports.

We are very relieved after implementing AMCS in our milk co-operative society. Now we can manage any data very easily. We can review and track information like sales, purchase, payment and other transactions. We are really happy with Prompt Softech product. “  -  Vice Chairman

After installation of our AMCS, many problems which were affecting the effectiveness of co-operative society were solved. We streamlined farmers’ purchase and sales report, authentic and reliable inventory data, etc.

With our system now this co-operative society can strategically plan and take decisions regarding their in-house activities.  

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