Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Analyze Milk with Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

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With growing demand of milk products world-wide milk industry is growing exponentially, especially in India. India alone is producing 135+ Million Tons in 2015 which is approximately 20% of world-wide milk production.

However, with growing demand of milk grows the practices of milk adulteration affecting the quality of milk.

Milk quality is basically decided by factors
  • Fat percentage 
  • SNF percentage (Solid not Fat)

Fat percentage majorly taken into account for milk quality and sometimes payment is made on the basis of this factors alone. However with advance in technology, other factors are also taken into account such as
  • Added water percentage
  • Milk Density

We are proud to present patented Prompt’s Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer which can alone measure multiple parameters within fractions of seconds based on Ultrasonic technology and totally indigenous product.

It can measure following parameters:
  • Fat percentage 
  • SNF percentage (Solid not Fat)
  • Milk Density
  • Added water percentage

Most Suitable For Use At: 
  • Raw Milk Receiving Docks 
  • Village Milk Collection Systems 
  • Bulk Milk Chilling Centres 
  • Dairy Plants 
  • Research & Development Centres 
  • Big Cattle Farms 

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